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To play .ts files (MPEG-2 Transport Stream) you have to install the folowing codec:
And then click on "codecs from Elecard"

The package also contains AC3 and Divx codecs. If you only want it to play .ts files go to "Components Manager" in the Elecard folder on the startmenu and select only the following two codecs:

- Elecard MPEG2 Video Decoder
- Elecard MPEG2 Demultiplexe...

Now in the setup in MediaPortal add the .ts extension in the Movies section.
After that Mediaportal can play .ts files just fine!


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May 25, 2004
i just added the ifo extension in the settings for file extensions that the player is supposed to play and it worked without having to install new codecs

for ac3 i use ac3 filter and send that dvd audio to my sony dav 500 unit
(sub 5speakers)
i highly reccommend it
u can use zoom player to give it the highest priority i u se u sound cards

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