How to stop the IMDB coverart from over-riding own art? (1 Viewer)


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November 27, 2005
I had all my DVD cover art sorted out. Then I clicked info for War of the Worlds, and now the inferior IMDB/Amazon image is used instead of the one I provided (folder.jpg in the DVD folder).

How do I remedy this?


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November 27, 2005
I have deleted the IMDB info from the database (after clicking the delete button a dozen times) but the crappy artwork is still there.

How can I get rid of it?

After innocently getting the info on WOTW I am saddled with a crap jpeg instead of the good one I choose. Why does Mediaportal do this? It just creates more grief and messing about with settings.

I want the IMDB coverart to disappear in a dark hole, set itself on fire, hang itself, then jump off a cliff and DIE.


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February 18, 2005
Netherlands Netherlands
The poor poor coverart, once you're ready with it...

Try Mediaportal Setup, Goto movie, expand the node and goto database. There you can select the relevant movie in the first tab. The last tab will handle your cover art. I have no experience with deleting it, but removing the url and pressing "save" might help.

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