How to tune TV-server channel manually ?

Discussion in 'Installation, configuration support' started by madgabz, June 11, 2008.

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    March 6, 2006
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    Copenhagen, Denmark
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    Right, after installing RC1 i did a complete scan for new tv-channels on my analog cable! Channels are found, but channel names are a bunch of gibberish, and (like i was used to from 0.2.3 version of MP) I want to add channels to the cards and channellist manually!
    Unfortunately, TV-server doesn't use normal frequencies or even ALLOW me to ADD a channel, then input the frequency, nor can i use channel codes (like, C10 or K25) like I used to be able to! Whats going on? Was the way MP handles channel frequencies completely changed from MP 0.2.3 to RC1, yet kept the interface?
    How can i manually add channels to the card, either using exact frequencies, or at least use channel codes?
    This part of setting up a HTPC is the most painful, getting channels up and running, sorting them, then renaming and making the EPG WORK for once! HELP! :)

    Thanks in advance,
    Code (Text):
    2. [b]TV-Server Version[/b]: RC1
    3. [b]MediaPortal Version[/b]: SVN
    4. [b]MediaPortal Skin[/b]: Default
    5. [b]Windows Version[/b]: XP SP2
    6. [b]CPU Type[/b]: AMD AthlonXP 3200 @2500
    7. [b]HDD[/b]: IBM 60GB + Seagate 300GB SATA
    8. [b]Memory[/b]: 2*512 MB DualDDR
    9. [b]Motherboard[/b]: EPOX 8RDA3+
    10. [b]Video Card[/b]: Abit R9250 128
    11. [b]Video Card Driver[/b]:
    12. [b]Sound Card[/b]: nForce2
    13. [b]Sound Card AC3[/b]:
    14. [b]Sound Card Driver[/b]:
    15. [b]1. TV Card[/b]: Technotrend 1500 Budget
    16. [b]1. TV Card Type[/b]: DVB-C
    17. [b]1. TV Card Driver[/b]: NoT INSTALLED YET
    18. [b]2. TV Card[/b]: Hauppage 500mce
    19. [b]2. TV Card Type[/b]: analog
    20. [b]2. TV Card Driver[/b]: (13-04-2006)
    21. [b]3. TV Card[/b]:
    22. [b]3. TV Card Type[/b]:
    23. [b]3. TV Card Driver[/b]:
    24. [b]4. TV Card[/b]:
    25. [b]4. TV Card Type[/b]:
    26. [b]4. TV Card Driver[/b]:
    27. [b]MPEG2 Video Codec[/b]:
    28. [b]MPEG2 Audio Codec[/b]:
    29. [b]h.264 Video Codec[/b]:
    30. [b]Satelite/CableTV Provider[/b]: TDC KabelTV / YouSee ANALOG CABLE
    31. [b]HTPC Case[/b]: Silverstone LC10b-m Black
    32. [b]Cooling[/b]:
    33. [b]Power Supply[/b]: Chill Innovation CP-400P3
    34. [b]Remote[/b]: Soundgraph iMon Pad
    35. [b]TV[/b]: Sony FD-VEGA Trinitron
    36. [b]TV - HTPC Connection[/b]: S-Video
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  3. madgabz

    madgabz Portal Member

    March 6, 2006
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    Copenhagen, Denmark
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    Anyone have a suggestion? Please?
    OK, i should really add, that I've searched for TV channels ín the TV server configuration menu, but searched with the CABLE option, since im on a cable network here! But, when i switch to searching with ANTENNA option, it seems i can input channels again! But it's not entirely in the same way as old MP!

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