How to view fliter graph using Graphedit on Vista? (1 Viewer)


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March 7, 2008
TV-Server Version: N/A
MediaPortal Version: 1.0 RC3
MediaPortal Skin: Aeon Wide 1.2
Windows Version: Vista Ultimate 32, SP1
CPU Type: AMD Phenom X4 9150e, 1.8GHz
HDD: Wester Digital 500GB
Memory: 2GB, DDR2
Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-MA78GM-S2H
Video Card: Integrated AMD HD3200
Video Card Driver: Catalyst 3.9
Sound Card: Integrated Intel HD Audio
Sound Card AC3: N/A
Sound Card Driver: Realtek HD Audio 6.0.1
1. TV Card: N/A
1. TV Card Type: N/A
1. TV Card Driver: N/A
2. TV Card: N/A
2. TV Card Type: N/A
2. TV Card Driver: N/A
3. TV Card: N/A
3. TV Card Type: N/A
3. TV Card Driver: N/A
4. TV Card: N/A
4. TV Card Type: N/A
4. TV Card Driver: N/A
MPEG2 Video Codec: ffdshow
MPEG2 Audio Codec: ffdshow
h.264 Video Codec: PDVD8
Satelite/CableTV Provider: N/A
HTPC Case: Antec Micro Fusion Remote 350
Cooling: N/A
Power Supply: Antec PSU, 350W
Remote: Harmony 880, MCE emulation
TV - HTPC Connection: HDMI

I am trying to debug a dx filter issue on Vista, but bringing up graphedit while MP is displaying video shows no available graphs to click on and display. On an almost identical setup on XP, Graphedit detects MP's filter graph correctly and allows me to click and view it.

Is anybody able to view MP's filter graph using Graphedit on Vista?


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March 7, 2008
GraphStudio v0.2.9 Beta -> Connect to remote Graph -> MP's graph shows up -> click -> nothing ... so GraphStudio is indeed seeing the filter graph MP has created, but doesn't display anything once I click on it.

Constructing a graph using a file on the filesystem has no display issues.

Is there a basic setting on GraphStudio I might be missing?


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March 7, 2008
After looking around some, I've found the solution ... needed to d/l and register proppage.dll to get GraphStudio to attach to MP's filter graph. Problem Solved.


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May 29, 2008
Belgium Belgium
where did you download proppage.dll? i'm not able to download from
i've been looking around for a while but i can't find it somewhere else on the net.

maybe you can attach it to a post. then i can download from there.


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