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December 16, 2007
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Mi HTPC MCEZero rev.2:

Case Housing: Aopen H360A Black Slimtower / FlexATX / PSU Aopen 350W FSP300-60SV(PF) 350W

PSU Case Housing: Aopen 350W FSP300-60SV(PF) 350W 20/24PIN SATA Micro Flex ATX Power Supply

PSU Extra Graphics: External PSU Aopen 350W FSP300-60SV(PF) 350W

Motherboard: Abit Fatal1ty F-I90HD ModBIOS (M612A18) W!ldGunM@n

Microprocessor: Intel Core Duo E6850 3,0 GHZ @ 4,2 GHZ by BIOS Abit.

DIMM RAM: Samsung DDR2 PC2-6300 8GB 1GHZ (4x2GB 800 MHZ PC2-6300 @ 1GHZ by BIOS Abit.)

Fan: Zalman CNPS 8700 LED 1700 rpm (Silent)

Fan2: Blower Aopen Case PCI Low profile (Silent) ajusted to 1700 rpm Zalman CNPS 8700 LED (Silent).

HD External E-SATA: Western Digital Scorpio Black (SATA 3 Gb/s) 320GB 2.5" SATA 3GB/s Laptop/Notebook (Silent/Stress Work).

HD External E-SATA Case:

Graphics: Galaxy Navidia 9600GT Slim HDMI PCI-e 2.0 X16.

Remote Control: JOVS MCE OR23V (CM23E), drivers Snap Strem Fireflay´+ Maping Remote

TV Screen: Philips Philips Cineos 32 PW 9551 32" CRT HDMI (Genuine/Native).

SO: Windows XP SP3 + Mediaportal 1.0RC3 + Skin Xface 844

Coming Soon continue with photos :D

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