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January 12, 2006
Having got MP to work on my main PC upstairs (well all except some cync issues, but Im working on those!) I had an Idea. I have a toshiba sat pro A60 that I dont use. specs

celeron 2.8ghz
ATi mobility graphics
TV out (proly crap, not used it, but previous experience of other lappy TV-out isnt good)
Not sure what chipset etc is on the mobo
I have avermedia PCMCIA hybrid DVB / FM card OR
HP TV in a box ( rebranded lifeview tv walker mini I think)
Wireless network
IR receiver on front of laptop

I wondered if, with MP installed I could use it as a media cenre in the living room.

I thought I could leave it closed, connected to tv and control with remote from Hauppage (upstairs TV card is a Haup 150)

Main questions

Can I use the IR receiver built into laptop (this would reduce number of wires needed)
How good is HP at streaming video (say DIVx or Xvid) accross a wirelss G network?
Has anyone ever seen either USB or PCMCIA TV out's?

Any other issues Im walking blindly into?

All help gratefully received



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