hunting for ideas.. your configs pls

Discussion in 'OffTopic' started by cheffe97, October 6, 2004.

  1. cheffe97

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    August 10, 2004
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    Berlin, Germany
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    I'm interested to see how people get up their systems. This is b/c I wanna get new ideas or see if mine is in somebody elses mind.
    So I start:
    My (partly future) system:
    1 computer, where I can do both.. working and multimedia
    1 (primary) 19'' display for working stuff
    2 other displays (10'' touchscreen and beamer - Hitachi TX100?) connected via VGA with video splitter to run MP
    1 AV Receiver 5.1 connected via SPDIF (Denon AVR 1802)
    1 5.1 speaker system (Teufel)
    Dont wanna use a remote but have a Pronto.
    So what r your configs?

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  3. usbrit

    usbrit Portal Member

    April 22, 2004
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    OK, here's what I have:

    Shuttle SN41G2 with DVI AGP Card and Hauppage WINTV PCI (athlon 2600+ with 512mb RAM and 200 Gig HD, DVD Writer)
    17" LCD as Primary Monitor
    42" Sony Vega LCD connected via DVI Running 720P res (I think)
    Airboard wireless keyboard with joystick (thumb) mouse
    Yamaha Receiver (can't remember the model, not at home now)
    Bose, Infinity, Polk surround sound
    DishNetwork DVR501 PVR connected to TV and WinTV Card
    Sony 5 disk DVD changer
    Sony MiniDV Camcorder
    Packard Bell remote IR Receiver
    Harmony H659 remote (just got!)HERE

    Wish List for MP:

    1) Dual Monitor support-right now I use the LCD to control the GUI and when I play a movie it appears on both monitors. However, OSD only appears on the primary, so isn't much good. I would like the primary to always display the GUI and the secondary to display movies and OSD.

    2) Preset recording times 30mins-60mins etc. so I can record stuff from the PVR to hardisk without having the be there to "stop recording"

    3) (My Problem) SPIDF sound connection from the Shuttle to the receiver-haven't spent any time on it yet.

    4) IR transmitter output from MP to the PVR so I can control the SAT box channel changing and record directly to the hardrive.

    5) Make the Harmany remote work with the Shuttle.....need to figure this out yet. Works great with everything else...configure it via the web and upload config and, get this, TV guide:)-0), by USB.

  4. mama

    mama Portal Pro

    May 31, 2004
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