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i read about mediaportal in the german magazin ct and i'm absolute *wow* speechless.
but: i got a technotrend skystar 1 (nexus) and there will be no bda driver - i think.
is the focus of the developers on bda-cards or is there a chance that my tv-card will be supported in the next time? i use it now for showing pictures and watching movies, it will be a pity if i can't watch tv with this great program.

the other feature request are for the remote control. i got a mce remote from microsoft. it really matches, but i don't understand how i can customize it. e.g. i want to rotate the pictures with the remote and starting the fullscreen animation while listening music. the keyboard buttons are R and X. is there a possibility to use e.g. the "windows-logo"-button on the mce remote for this?


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