I *DID* make a bugtrack LOG.. "mediaportal has stopped working" -edited (1 Viewer)


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January 14, 2010
Following the guide I uninstalled everything I thought was a codec pack first. Updated my video card drivers/ installed Direct X 10 and then followed the install for using Mediaportal without a TV -Tuner. Then I installed the streamedMP skin.

Now, mediaportal with lock up when I go into it and at different times. Sometimes when I am browsing through the movies, sometimes (actually most of the time) when I go back to a previous menu. (using MCE remote).

I saw in the bugtracker an issue regarding the default DPI settings so I set those from the larger font size which I had to the 96 (normal) DPI settings but the problem persists.

The error is "mediaportal has stopped working. windows is trying to find a solution".

I've done many searches and before I put in a bugtracker I thought I'd post here. One question... Is "TV Tonic" part of media portal or the Streamed MP skin? I thought I had uninstalled everything but don't remember installing that. I also disabled Media Center

Just throwing this out there.

specs are :

AMD 5000+
2 gig ram
Samsung HD 500gig
Nvidia Geforce 8400 gs

Vista OS



or maybe I Can update this post with the log file.


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    Re: I WILL make a bugtrack post w. the log but first.. "mediaportal has stopped work

    Kidding. :D:D:D

    TVTonic is not related to MediaPortal, StreamedMP or any other skin or plugin that I am ware of.

    or maybe I Can update this post with the log file.
    Sure :) - and welcome, btw :woot:

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