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January 18, 2009
Hello and thanks for taking the time to look at this post.

For the past 3-4 years i have been using Windows media centre 2005, with reasuable results. It has functions as a PVR, music player, and video/pictures centre. I dont uses as a desktop pc.

I have been quite please with how it functions and is about 80% reliable. I have done my best to costomize not that there is much you can do.

After a bit of browsing the net i came across media portal and loved the the look of itthe open source customizability of it rocks!! After a bit of work i think i have it going,(following the guide in this forum) my main reason for changing is that sometime when setting a recording wmce says it cant communicate with guide and i need to restart the interface or the pc, very frustrating.:mad:

I have a few simple(maybe silly) questions i am hoping can be answered.

1 - I am using the tv server option for tv, will this functions if media portal is not openlike WMCE does. If the machine restarts and is just at the desktop, will it record?

2 - What can i do to make the guide function more like WMCE? specifically, the search in mce requires a couple of button presses on the remote to jump to a specific letter.

3 - Is there a way to show when a program will be repeated? on mce there a function call 'other showings'

4 - would it be advisable to xp pro instead of wmce to avoid any conflicts??

5 - I have stared to use Webguide (WebGuide - Streaming TV, Remote Scheduling and Media Sharing for Windows Vista and Media Center) to access wmce remotely via internet which is cool, can media portal do this??

Thanks and I hope you can help me convert fully to media portal because I love moving pictures/tv series plugins and the skining options.
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    1. Yes, you don't need MP running for the TV Server and all its "behind the scenes" functions, such as recording schedules to operate. TV Server service is set to start at Windows start by default.
    2. Not sure about that one, don't use MCE
    3. If you go to record a show and it is part of a repeating series, all the instances of that show in your EPG are displayed
    4. Yes, that is recommended
    5. Yes, check out this plugin https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/community-plugins-294/self-contained-web-server-interface-27320/

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