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December 2, 2005
Sorry if this is a wrong place to post this, I didn’t know where was suitable.

I’ve been searching up and down the search engines for detailed articles and informative information about the following topics.

If anyone know of an articles they can link me to or perhaps they can enlighten me on them, please do so. I’d really appreciate it.

Information on:

> Skin Types – How many different skins types are there, and how are they used, and why?

> Companies using Skins – Are there any major companies that using skins to enhance their technology and to make it more appealing to the user/consumer?

>Skins & HCI (Human-Computer Interaction) – How are Skins used to enhance HCI? Why are Skins used to Test HCI?

>Future of Skins - Are there any applications or software out there that is relative to the future of skins? Could Skinning be made easier with an invention of a new software? If so, what and how?

Please if you have any information do post them.

Even if you think its something that I did not mention on here, but if you think is relatve to skins and future and its informative, then please post it.

Thanks all.


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  • September 15, 2004
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    Interesting... Most I don't quite understand what you're getting at - I think the term 'skinning' doesn't help.

    I'm not sure that 'skins' are necessarily used to enhance the usability of an interface, 'skins' are something I'd associate with something like Windows Media Player - akin to putting stickers on your riced up Honda Integra. Look at the variety of skins available for WMP, everything from the Army to the latest movie releases have ones available (there's your companies). They're for branding or customising the interface, not necessarily making it any easier to use, usually the complete opposite in fact.

    If you are talking about the development of interfaces, then that's something I don't link to 'skins'.


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    October 22, 2005
    Sorry, but you've asked a "What is the meaning of life?" question.

    I doubt you will get a useful response here unless you change the question and make it relevant to Media Portal.

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