I need to talk to someone who has a sat box w/ Hauppauge 150 (1 Viewer)


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January 5, 2006
I'm getting crazy here trying to set-up my sat box with MP. My sat receiver is connected to the Hauppauge using the TV connector (aka CATV, aka internal tuner). When I,m tuning the channels MP detects the signal on channel 3 (image and all). After this I'm trying to assign this channel 3 to a channel within the TV Guide. When I'm tuning to that channel within MyTV everything is black!. I haven't plugged in the speakers yet, so I'm not sure if I have sound though.
Any input on why is it doing this? I have over 200 channels in my TV Guide - do I have to manually assign them to this working channel 3?.


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May 13, 2005
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As far as I know a sat reciever only send one channel to a tv/vcr/dvd-recorder...
So I think you have to this al manualy. Or have a look how channel adding is done within MP. You could make an import file with all the channel numbers of your sat receiver all directed to channel 3:

MP programm number | programm | tv tuner channel
1 cnn --> 3
2 bbc 1 --> 3

With an ir blaster serial cable or something else you can make mp change channels on your sat box.

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