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January 25, 2009
I am moved to media portal
Everything is good, but unfortunately still a problem

If I play a movie is the top of the picture, say, 20 percent of parts and again, well how do I explain.
It seems like not the same image is built
This is especially if the image is a bit faster.
In none of the other media players (Windows 11, Power DVD media) I have experienced only in media portal.
There is a kind of noise in images.
It seems that the image-building in certain parts of the image is too late.
I have tried all codecs of ffdshow to PowerDVD media portal itself etc etc.
Nothing helps.

What should I do, someone has an idea or a similar problem.


Someone an idea

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    This could be down to your hardware, so if you would kindly fill in your user cp (near top of forum page left hand side) with system specifications and enable them to be shown, you will never have to do it again.

    Then we know exactly how to answer your questions :)

    or checkout first to make sure you meet MP's GeneralRequirements - MediaPortal Manual Documentation

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