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November 8, 2004
Hello Guys,

I would like to make a suggestion for an improvement to the "manual recordings" dialog under MyTV.

Just for your information: Due to my PVR not having an internet connection I am not using the EPG but the manual recordings. I find it complicated to enter a new recording for some usability related reasons

  • - The highlighting is not very strong so it can't be spotted immediately (when using a TV)
    - When navigating from one control to the other (e.g. from "Hour to Minute" or from "Time to Day") you have to use right/left-keys as well as up/down. This is not very handy. I think it would be better when there is only one of these possibilities (e.g. right/left only) to be used. The result would be a much quicker navigation without the need of toggling between these two "modes".
    - I think that the increment/decrement buttons ("arrow up"/"arrow down") are not useful for numeric inputs. Instead of painfully using these buttons (ever tried to do this about 30x ;-)) you can simply enter the two digits directly. Without these buttons there is no need to skip them when navigating to the next control. This would increase the navigation speed. Those people who like increment/decrement may use the up/down keys without having buttons.
    - After entering digits (0-9) of a number (e.g. "hour") there must be an explicit navigation to next control (e.g. "minute"). It would be great when this navigation would be done automatically after the input of the last digit. With this you could enter a time by simply pressing 4 numeric keys (e.g. "1230" -> 12h30 ) for example.
    - I think the "year" control could be removed when we assume that there won't be anybody who want's to program the pvr a year in advance. Instead the year can be calculated automatically from entered and current date. Example: When today is 12/24/2004 and I am entering 12/25 (as month/day) the year is "2004". When I am entering 01/01 the year is "2005". The removal of the year-control will result in a quicker input.

It would be great to have such an optimized manual recordings dialog because recordings could be entered much quicker with less key presses. I know that this is only a very small part in the whole application but for me it is one of the most used.

Thank you and greeting!


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November 8, 2004
Hi there,

I found a "small solution" for one of the above mentioned suggestions by changing some
settings on the skin descriptor "DialogDateTime.xml" (only for skin "mce" but this should
work for the other skins too).
There are 11 spincontrols and 1 button (having ids 1-12) which are wired by
<onleft>, <onright>, <onup> and <ondown>. I changed the values of all
<onXXX> in this way

(where calculated values "-1" and "13" need to be replaced by "12" and "1").

In my option this results in a much better navigation because you don't need
to switch between left/right and up/down navigation when jumping from one
control to the other.

What do you think?


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