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I wish there could be an alternative to search(freetext) for the movie if i want to when scaning the movies archive.

Also if there could be an more easily administrated GUI to manage the movies.

Is it possible to have a progressbar or something on the Coverart-Lookup, since they do not always get downloaded.

Have u ever used "tag and rename" the have a wondeful feature where you can write a filter for the way you have placed the files. Is it possible to have this here as well, sence the scan thinks all my cd1,cd2 files are two movies.



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August 13, 2004
Movie Database Editor

Its a great improvement for MP.

I would love to see it handle off-line movies where perhaps a flag per record would trigger a prompt to insert a specified disk number!

From the release notes on the home page I understand that the movie database editor is unfinished, can anyone shed light on whats comming?


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