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  • December 26, 2004
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    Forum powered by vBulletin

    Due to some unexpected server problems we had to convert the old database again, so all posts that have been done on saturday after the switch to vBulletin got lost.
    It was not the new vBulletin software to blame.

    Everyone who has registered before we switched to vbulletin has to change some features manually.
    Go to your user CP and have a look at Edit Options

    1. Messaging & Notification - Default Thread Subscription Mode
      change to instand email notification
    2. Private Messaging
      activate Receive Email Notification of New Private Messages
    3. Date & Time Options
      change settings if required
    4. Miscellaneous Options - Message Editor Interface:
      change to standart editor - extra formating controls

    1. Avatars:
      custom avatars can be uploaded via usercp
    2. Attachments:
      You can now directly attach files to your topics/posts.
      when posting go to Additional Options - Attach Files, then upload your files.
      ATTENTION: every user can upload a max of 40MB of attachments.
      if you reached that maximum you have to delete old attachments via usercp before you can upload a new one!
    3. Smilies: woking again
    4. Signatures: images can be used again
    5. Forum Style: now matching homepage design
    6. Forum Style: fixed minor layout issues and added missing images
    7. Quotes: added round quote boxes (Attention: needs a new quote in every toipc to show up, or serverside rebuild of topics)
    8. Forum Navbar: red blinking notification if you get a new pm
    9. Forum Style: added missing buttons of forum homepage
    10. Forum Style: added Show Groups
    11. Forum Rules: added forum rules. they are displayed when starting a new topic.
    12. Forum Home: added View New Posts | Start New Thread | Search Forum
    13. Navbar: added RSS-Feed link
    14. Forum Home: improved View New Posts | Start New Topic | Search | RSS Feed | XML Feed
    15. Private Messages: Request a read receipt for this message is now default on

    I will update this topic with the progress i make.


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  • December 26, 2004
    Austria Austria
    New Feature "System Specification"

    This is a realy great feature. It consists out of 2 parts.

    Part 1:
    I know that many users want to show off their HTPC config they are using. Thats why they add it to their signature.
    the result is that the forums become a bit unclear with all the information in the thread view.

    Now we have a nice solution.
    In the postbit in the left of your post you can now have a "My System" Link.

    If you click on this link you will see the hardware specification.
    View attachment 24

    1. go to usercp
    2. open Edit Profile go to Additional Information
    3. with Display System Specs you can set this feature active or not
    4. save
    5. open Edit System Specification
    6. fill out ALL fields
    7. save

    Part 2:
    Now that we have all your hardware specification stored in the forum, we can do something great.

    NOW you will no longer need to manually copy and paste the support template when you are going to start a support topic or bugreport.

    At the moment you start a thread in this forums your hardwarespecification will be added AUTOMATICALLY to your post.

    You only have to keep the information up to date in your usercp.

    if you do not have not filled out your hardware specification in the usercp an empty template will be added to support topics.



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  • December 26, 2004
    Austria Austria
    [Update 8:] Hardware Specification in Support Forums

    your hardware specification is now AUTOMATICALLY added when you start a new thread in support forums.

    soon this will also work in bugreport forums.


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  • December 26, 2004
    Austria Austria
    [Update 9:] TestTeam Forums moved to official forums

    Here comes the romised big change.
    The MediaPortal TestTeam moved to the official forum.

    I have started the TestTeam forum with the target to provide the testers with everything that improves the testing process.
    Now with the switch to vBulletin as forum software we can finally provide every user with the fearures we used excusively at the TestTeam forum.

    I am speaking about the "Automatically System Specification Posting" Feature.
    You add your system once in usercp and this information is added automatically when starting a new Bugreport or Support topic.

    Furthermore the whole Team will monitor the new quality assurance sub forums in the Development Section.

    The old Bugs Forum has also been moved to this new location.
    In this forum you can no longer start new threads, please use the final and svn builds forum for new bugreports.

    Before you start a new Bugreport or reply to an existing one make sure that you read the HowTo: report bugs and HowTo: report SVN bugs.


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  • December 26, 2004
    Austria Austria
    Country Flag in postbit

    I have added an option to display your country in the postbit (look left at my postbit ;) ).
    If you want that it is displayed go to :

    usercp -> edit Profile -> Additional Information - Home Country

    and select your country. then click save

    thats it :)
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