IR Server Suite - How To Use With Vista Media Center (VMC)

Discussion in 'IR Server Suite (IRSS)' started by Uh_Andy, June 8, 2008.

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    Questions about how to use IR Server Suite with Vista Media Center (VMC).

    I thought I had this working but something happened so I want to make sure I'm doing this right. :confused:

    • Does the Microsoft eh remote driver need to be disabled for IR Server Suite to work? If so...
      • Are all default MCE/VCE remote commands then disabled and must be relearned? If so...
        • Is there an MCE/VCE file that can be imported into translator that will restore default functionality for VCE?
    • If Eh is not disabled will I get double commands sent - IRSS translator and EH default?
      • Is there a way to disable just certain EH commands so they can be redefined with translator?

    I've been reading through so many threads my head is spinning. If anyone has ready answers please post.

    :DThanks for any help on this.
    - Andy

    OK - all is working again now. Here's the steps that worked for me.

    1. Do not disable EH services in IRSS configuration program (If this is already disabled, re-enable it and reboot so the EH services restart)

    2. Disable default button presses in IRSS configuration program (otherwise you can't change any defaults - changes do not override defaults so you have to...)

    3. Relearn every remote button on the remote using the chart from the old MCE replacement driver faq. (I've exported the xml - see below).

    This is working on Vista Media Center with a Media Center Remote Clone and a Hauppauge IR receiver/blaster.
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    I will Like this "4. Relearned every remote button on the remote using the chart from the old MCE replacement driver faq. (I've exported the xml - if anyone wants it I'll post it)."

  4. Uh_Andy

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    October 12, 2006
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    mce button mapping xml file attachment

    Attached is my current xml file for the MCE remote button mappings. All the button mapping is in the System Wide section but you can move it around in Translator. If you find errors or missing stuff please correct it and post it back.

    I used the HIP mce remote faq for the keyboard shortcuts. It's located here: MCE Remote Replacement Driver FAQ

    Here's the contents of the keymapping.

    Regular MCE Buttons:

    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31730" Description="Big Green Button" Command="Keys: @%{ENTER}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31712" Description="Down" Command="Keys: {DOWN}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31713" Description="Up" Command="Keys: {UP}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31710" Description="Right" Command="Keys: {right}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31711" Description="Left" Command="Keys: {left}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31709" Description="Enter" Command="Keys: {enter}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31708" Description="Back" Command="Keys: {back}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31703" Description="Close Active Window" Command="Keys: %{F4}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31725" Description="Ch UP" Command="Keys: {PGUP}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31724" Description="Ch DOWN" Command="Keys: {PGDN}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31727" Description="Vol UP" Command="Window Message: ACTIVE|*|793|0|655360" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31726" Description="Vol Down" Command="Window Message: ACTIVE|*|793|0|589824" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31729" Description="Vol MUTE" Command="Window Message: ACTIVE|*|793|0|524288" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31719" Description="Pause" Command="Window Message: ACTIVE|*|793|0|917504" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31718" Description="STOP" Command="Window Message: ACTIVE|*|793|0|851968" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31720" Description="Record" Command="Window Message: ACTIVE|*|793|0|3145728" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31705" Description="Guide" Command="Keys: ^g" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31742" Description="1" Command="Keys: 1" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31741" Description="2" Command="Keys: 2" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31740" Description="3" Command="Keys: 3" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31739" Description="4" Command="Keys: 4" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31738" Description="5" Command="Keys: 5" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31737" Description="6" Command="Keys: 6" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31736" Description="7" Command="Keys: 7" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31735" Description="8" Command="Keys: 8" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31734" Description="9" Command="Keys: 9" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31743" Description="0" Command="Keys: 0" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31716" Description="Skip Back" Command="Window Message: ACTIVE|*|793|0|786432" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31717" Description="Skip Fwd" Command="Window Message: ACTIVE|*|793|0|720896" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31722" Description="Rewind" Command="Window Message: ACTIVE|*|793|0|3276800" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31723" Description="Fast Fwd" Command="Window Message: ACTIVE|*|793|0|3211264" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31721" Description="Play" Command="Window Message: ACTIVE|*|793|0|3014656" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31707" Description="Menu" Command="Keys: !+M" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31728" Description="Info Details" Command="Keys: ^d" />

    Extra Buttons on my remote:

    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31671" Description="Little Yellow - Screen Clone" Command="Run: &quot;C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\CLI.exe&quot; ||Start Load profilename=&quot;Clone&quot;|Normal|False|False|False|False" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31706" Description="Little Black - Screen Wide" Command="Run: &quot;C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\CLI.exe&quot; ||Start Load profilename=&quot;Wide&quot;|Normal|False|False|False|False" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31704" Description="Little Green - Screen Large Wide" Command="Run: &quot;C:\Program Files\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\CLI.exe&quot; ||Start Load profilename=&quot;Large Wide&quot;|Normal|False|False|False|False" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="31665" Description="Little Red - Full Screen Toggle" Command="Keys: %{ENTER}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="912274" Description="PSX Left" Command="Mouse: Move_Left 17" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="256914" Description="PSX Right" Command="Mouse: Move_Right 16" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="387986" Description="PSX Down" Command="Mouse: Move_Down 17" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="650130" Description="PSX Up" Command="Mouse: Move_Up 16" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="854930" Description="PSX Sel" Command="Mouse: Click_Left" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="576402" Description="PSX Skip +" Command="Mouse: Click_Right" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="551826" Description="PSX Chan Up" Command="Mouse: Scroll_Up" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="27538" Description="PSX Chan Down" Command="Mouse: Scroll_Down" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="52114" Description="PSX Skip -" Command="Keys: {BACKSPACE}" />
    <ButtonMapping KeyCode="830299" Description="PSX Big Green" Command="Keys: {WIN}" />

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