IRSS + MCE remote model 1039: unable to map keys (1 Viewer)


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May 12, 2008
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I am trying to get IRSS work with my MCE remote model 1039 on Win7 x64. I cant get IRSS to map keys from the remote. IRSS is running as a service and it auto-detects the MCE transceiver. But when I launch the debug client and try to add a new mapping, it does not recognize any keypresses on the remote and just times out even though I can see a red light on the transceiver and the remote also lights up.

Btw, both the remote and transceiver are stock Microsoft MCE; the remote model is 1039 and the transceiver model is 1040. I know the remote+transceiver are working because I can move the cursor on the desktop from icon to icon by direction key presses on the remote.


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May 12, 2008
Pakistan Pakistan
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I just could not get my remote to work with IRSS at all. After going through some posts in the forums, I found something called EventGhost. I eventually configured EventGhost with this remote. Interestingly, the built in MCE plugin did not work; I had to choose the generic hid plugin and it started detecting remote keypresses :)

My remote is the same as the third picture from the left in the MCE Wiki page. I am just curious as to how to configure it with IRSS.

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