IRTrans + MCE Remote ... pause button doesn't resume (1 Viewer)


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January 14, 2009

I am really impressed by Mediaportal ... it is much better than the MS product! ;-)
After hours of configuration I have only one problem left. The "pause"-button on my MCE Remote does pause the running video, but I cannot resume after the pause. Do I press the "pause"-button a second time I get back to the directory and files to choose the file to play. Do I press play when the movie is paused, the movie starts from the beginning. Is there any chance to resume the movie by using the remote. The keyboard works fine. When I press "space" the movie pauses ... when I press the "space"-key a second time the movie resumes.
I use IRTrans with a MCE-Remote (OrigenAE). The remote is configured as IRTrans on Port 21000.

Thanks for your help.


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