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Hi, my first time in here. Anyway:

I've tried a compro videomate and a hauppauge pvr 500 briefly (seemed to work well but I don't watch much TV so dont think I can justify the expense).

I was thinking that I may buy an ATI Theatre 550 based card since they're about half the prive of the pvr 500 but I've found a XFX NVTV dual tuner board pretty cheap online (thought it could come in handy on the rare occasion I may want to record two shows) but can't seem to find any reviews.

Has anyone tried the XFX NVTV dual tuner? It seems to be really cheap for a dual tuner board with hardware encoding so is the card anygood? Would you still recomend the theatre 550?

Any input would be appreciated.


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    Well the ATI Theatre 550 is currently not supported but the NVTV dual tuner is.

    Note: The NVTV cards software encode the audio where aas the Hauppauge PVR's do this in hardware. But the NVTV's are reported to work very well.


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