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December 24, 2005
Lund, Sweden

Since I'm on cable and all my signals are analog I have to try getting that to work...

I tried RC2 but that just kind of froze on me when viewing TV in myTV as soon as i tried to do anything else but change channels, and I did not have sound. :cry:

I now tried 0.1.3. It doesn't krasch, but there is still no sound. :(

Since I can get it to work in Graphedit WITH sound, I don't really understand why it can't work in MP. In graphedit, I just add default rendering for the recording and audio pins of the analog capture filter.

So I took a look at the source for virtualdub where the sound work and I think i found out why the sound doesn't work in MP with my TV-card:

My Analog Capture filter has a sound output pin, but in MP it is not possible to specify the analog video capture filter as the audio capture source, my sound card is the only device shown in the drop down in the configuration dialog.

I know that software cards are not on the todo list any more, but somewhere in
MediaPortal.TV.Recording.SWEncodingGraph.CreateGraph() I think there could be just a few more lines to handle cards like mine. (And some more in configuration then of course...)

My question is:
Am I totally misunderstanding this?
If someone with DirectShow knowledge could just say if this seems reasonable, I might give it a try to code it myself...

And: Can the 0.1.3 sources be compiled on VS2005 into debug mode and actually run in debug mode with the portal working?
I really, really would like this to work with my card...

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