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December 1, 2005

I posted this in another forum, but thought I'd ask it here. Forgive me if it's somewhere in the forums (I looked, but didn't see anything) but I have a new Sony 400 disk DVD changer (The 995 model) and was wondering if I could use Media Portal and a USBUIRT unit to be able to make my own online DVD collection. In other words, I'd like to manually put in all of my DVD titles to MP, then when I pick one I want to see, have MP send a signal through the USBUIRT to the DVD player which tells it which slot to load and to play. I don't know how feasable it is, but when I picked up the DVD changer and saw its HORRIBLE interface for DVD's, I knew I had to do something. I've used MP before for a short while, but with all the advances lately, I thought I'd ask about this one. Also, if the USBUIRT won't work, is there another way of doing something like that? Thanks in advance.



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  • February 23, 2005
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    This would be great to get MP to interface with a DVD changer. I think that will be the way I go when I get some spare cash (maybe next year). This would be a great project but would need to interface with specific changer and also need to make changes in the my DVD plugin to make this happen.


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