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November 16, 2006
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does the stacking of .iso files work?

I have a 2 disk set for Pearl Harbor that acts like it is stacked, but won't play the second disk. it comes up to the end of the first disk .iso, and sits there. I didn't let it sit too long, but I didn't know how long to let it sit.

will it move on to the next .iso automatically?

I read in a different thread (kinda old one) that daemon tools was not needed for .iso files any more. I tried turning off daemon tools, and I can't play any movies.

is there a special config to getting .iso files to stack?

I have seen some "hacks" to make it work, but before I apply those, I wan't to know if MP supports this out of the box and I am just missing something in the setup and working.

Also, is there a fix planned for having to hit the OK button twice to play a .iso movie? I have to hit it once to map the .iso with daemon tools, and a second time to play the movie. this used to work just fine in older versions. I have not searched for an answer to this yet, but will now. If someone can post this answer, it would be great.

I was able to fis the double click of the OK button to make an ISO movie play. My own stupid error in config.

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