It can't find my TV Tuner Card???? (1 Viewer)


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February 8, 2007

I am using Windows XP with a Asus Silicon WDM Video Capture card.

I installed media poratl successfully, but in the TV set up wizard, it says that it cannot find any video capture cards. It does not seem to be seeing my TV tuner card. Help?????

I am not very technical, so i don't really understand chip sets etc. can someone give me a staright forward explanation and perhaps some tips to fix this?


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    Asus Silicon WDM Video Capture card
    I have googled the above card, and even gone to the Asus website, and search found so little information about it, that i cannot say whether it would work with MP.

    Does it come with BDA drivers, if so use graphedit to get the information so it can be added.

    can't get anybody else on this forum interested enough to reply to my questions
    Because they do not know the answer, or possibly, understand the question, also the right person has not seen your post who could answer you.

    Unfortunately this is a rare card (here anyway) and not being able to find much info about it on the asus website, does not give me high hopes.


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    February 8, 2007

    Thank-you for your input. I will try to find the specs for my TV Tuner card and re-post.

    I hope the other gentleman finds an answer to his query as well.



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    February 8, 2007
    I think this is the card I have and the specs. Can anyone tell me if this card can be made to work with Media Portal? Right now, it does not detect the card:

    Full specifications
    for ASUS My Cinema P7131 - TV / radio tuner / video input adapter - PCI

    Manufacturer: ASUSTek Computer Inc.
    Part number: 90-C1VFV0-0UAYZ

    Video InputVideo input features Remote control
    Video input type TV tuner
    Analog video signal S-Video, HF TV signal, Composite video
    Audio Input Support Standard
    Video Input:Interface Type S-video input, Composite video input
    Cable(s) / Peripheral(s)Cable(s) included:Cable(s) included Cable(s) included 1 A/V cable External
    Video Input AdaptersCompatibility PC
    Digital video input format MPEG-1, MPEG-2
    Min Operating system Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
    Interface devices CD-ROM, PCI slot
    Connector type RCA, 4 pin mini-DIN
    Required slot PCI
    Expansion / Port(s) RequiredSlot(s) Required 1 PCI
    Port(s) / Connector(s) Required None
    InterfaceInterface Provided Audio / video, TV antenna, Radio, Display / video, Audio
    Interface Required None
    Audio Input


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    February 9, 2007
    same problem

    Exactly the same problem with my ASUS My Cinema card, same model, except for my dual Analog/DVB-T version. Cannot be detected, latest drivers (tried lover versions too). Card listed as a supported one. Anyone got a clue?


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    February 9, 2007

    The error is in hardware ID specified in the capturecardefinitions.xml (in MediaPoral folder) file for this card as I found in other parts of this forum. You can get it to work by finding this card model in the file and rewriting its ID ending from D0 to D1 (d0 to d1). This helped my card to be detected straight away.


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    February 9, 2007

    Works for me. Be sure to check your card Hardware ID in system properties and the card IDs in the file I posted about. Might be a different model of ASUS My Cinema you are using - mine in Dual and the ID is wrong for me in the file.


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    February 11, 2007
    Italy Italy
    I have the same problem! I've try and try again on my acer Idea500 mediacenter, but doesn't work
    The DBV-T Component is an Hybrid (Analog+Dvb-T) Yuan Mpc718 and it's not supported,never if i compile graph! Mediaportal find the card but NOT like tuner tv...:eek: Any idea??

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