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February 5, 2005
Holbaek, Denmark
Hi there....

I have a small request.....

Can MP be made so, when i watch a movie or TV-recording, i simply press, lets say 6 on the remote, and the player skips 6 minutes forward..... :?:

This is a feature on my Nokia 9902s PVR satellite reciver, and it works great when i watch a recording with commersials in it, then when the commercials start, i press eg. 5, 6 or 7 (commercial brakes depending on what channel the recording is made) and the reciver skips the commercials...... :D :wink:

I know that i in MP can enter a time that the the player shall jump to, but that is not as simple as my request.....(You have to calculate and enter the right time as MP works now :!: )

Also my request is great for jumping throug a recording or movie......

I know that MP have some of this allready using < and > on the hauppauge remote, but that is also not as simple as my sugestion.....

My thought is, that if i enter eg. 7 then MP wait until the window timeout, and then jump 7 minutes forward, but if i enter all the digits for a timejump before timeout then MP should jump to the entered time like it do now.

With my Nokia reciver only 1 digit timejumps (1-9 minutes) works, so it should no be that hard to see and understand for the MP software....

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