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While thinking about the support for 2 monitors something crossed my mind.
Refering to ATI 9x00 cards using Hydravision utilty to set up clone display in theatre mode providing the full video overlay in the primary display it crossed my mind that if the stream comming from the tunner card when on LiveTV didn't shutdown when coming back from the MyTV to the main menu it would almost do the trick. Shuting down the stream should occour when selecting something else like radio or movies or just by hiting Stop.
This way like it happens when watching videos we come back to main menu and the full screen still works on the primary display showing the movie and leaves the secondary display free to brouse media portal until select something that forces primary display to output a new selection.

Was this clear.... sorry my english....

EDIT : Well.... I just enabled timeshifting and voilá!!! Stream from the active channel always on !!!
Now One monitor can display live tv and the other be used to browse arround....

Very nice...


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