[other] Keyboard Shortcut for EPG, TV, VIDEO, MUSIC & DVD (1 Viewer)


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March 23, 2009
At the moment there is no keyboard shortcut available to go into EPG, TV, VIDEO, MUSIC & DVD directly.
This is a problem for users which use remote controls, e.g. iMon, which use keyboard shortcuts to control MediaPortal.
A workaround is the Keyboard-Plugin, wich is not working with the newest MediaPortal right now.
Maybe an other option could be to make this options available under "Keys and Sounds" (e.g. like SHOW_TV, SHOW_EPG, SHOW_VIDEO, SHOW_MUSIC, SHOW_DVD).
I know, that it is possible to navigate to the homescreen and then select these options, but for a one-click system off this is not practicable.

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