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October 18, 2005
I bought this card around 4 months ago after looking around the net for awhile. I hadnt ever messed around with any PVR software, but I decided I should have a way to capture video seeing as how I just got a new PC and Im going to school for media and all. I was hellbound to get a PCI card that included a front bay drive, and it does look pretty sweet, and it came with a remote also.

The included software (PowerVCR) is decent, i guess, but could be loads better. I only use it now because its all the remote works with (so far) I didnt plan on using powervcr or dvd anyway. they allow me to capture in mpeg2, but for some reason if i try to open up the captured file in any other program, it says it is not a compliant mpeg2. but thats another story and solution alltogether (virtualdub)

The kworld website, and the box the card came in claim "real time MPEG 2 encoding" and "time shifting to play and record TV at the same time" which I understood to mean hardware MPEG2 encoding, however I can only find fuzzy information online on whether this card actually has hardware encoding or not. The card runs on the Conexant 2388x chip.

I was able to get everything working in MediaPortal except for time-shifting and the remote, but i still havent messed with girder as far as the remote situation goes. also, this card wont work in win:MCE for tv, if that means anything. The remote control utility that runs in the tray is called "TV88x Remote Control Utility", is there a way to set that up without installing girder?

I tried to do the whole graphedit thing, but i wasnt sure which filters to i sposed to expand all the + and look for anything that says "conexant 2388x"? do i look in the "directshow filters" column under mpeg2?

so I guess my question is, how can i find out if this is a true hardware MPEG2 encoder, and if so what do i need to do to get timeshifting enabled? thanks!

edit::more info:: MediaPortal detects and sets up this card as:
Conexant 2388x Video Capture (Vstream Xpert TV PVR 883(NTSC))

also, in my TV card properties under the "codecs" tab, where you choose a video recording format. it states that "you only need to specify codecs if your card is a S/W card" but it allows me to select a codec. Does it matter what you select if you have a hardware encoder? Is my card just being incorrectly detected as a software card? thanks!

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