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October 7, 2008
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As my database of movies has grown, I have noticed that it takes longer and longer to load the list regardless of what view I use. Specifically, when select the movie folder from the menu there is about a 3-5 second delay before the list pops up with all thumbnails in the list. When I go into the IMDB info for a certain title I experience the same delay when I push the back button to go back to the list. Clearly, it is just reloading the whole list again. I have about 550 720p resolution movies at present in the database on a 4TB array. However all of the thubnails and the UI are stored on and run from the system disc, I think.

In configuration -- General -- Thumbnails, music, pictures, and tv are specifically listed on the config tab below the quality slider. I currently have thumbnail quality set to the maximum. Do the quality settings on the thumbnails page apply to the coverart for movies or only music, pictures, and tv? If this slider does apply to the movie coverart in the database, I might try lowering the quality setting to see if it makes the list load faster. I know I would have to clear and recreate the whole database to test this theory and since it has taken me a long time to get it just right (automatic database creation is good, not great). I wanted to get opinions about whether or not it would even help before spending several hours remakng the whole database with smaller thumbnails.

I could, if money was no object install MP on a faster hard disk or an SSD and I am sure that would speed things up but sadly that is not an option right now. I could break the list up into some kind of subfolders but there is something way cooler about scrolling through one huge list when trying to pick out the right flick. Looking for suggestions...

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