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  • January 8, 2009
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    I am using IRSS with MCE remote. I am not able to blast IR codes to the STB. I have copied the files in post #34 of this thread ( After copying those three files, I get the following error when I start IR server configuration.

    "No input service plugins found"
    . Without those three files, I used to get a list of remotes to select. After copying those three files, I get this error messagebox and then no list of remotes.

    The blasting does just not work.

    I am able to get the blasting work with the beta. The problem is that the MCE remote just stops working. I need to keep restarting IR Server Config to get the remote to work.

    I have been trying to get the IR blasting to work for two weeks now with little or no success. I like MP but this IR blasting thing is really killing me. Looks like I would have to start my search for a PVR software all over again.:(:(:(

    I wish there was a paid support concept to get some priority support.

    Here's another thread detailing my problems.

    Can somebody please help me resolve this problem?


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