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Is the CVS HEAD the source code that was released as a binary on the media portal website? Because I got it last night and built it on my machine. After installing it I found that most of the TV OSD stuff doesn't work. But if I install the binary version from the media portal website it works fine.


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  • May 13, 2004
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    Head is the "current" code which is already different from the release. Normally the releases are tagged so you can get the source code from the release later. It looks like this was forgotten for this release.

    If you really want the code from the closest you can get is retrieving the sourcecode with time and date just after "2 Apr 2005 16:15:51" since this was the last file that changed for release


    Thanks, Mr Mitchell. I looked at the CVS tags last night and couldn't find one for the, so I wasn't sure which ones made it up.

    It might also be a good idea when releases are made that a snapshot archive of the source code could be put on sourceforge that matches that release. It would make it easier to get the exact source code for a particular release made.

    In any case that answers my question and the problems I am seeing with the HEAD. Now I know what to look for... :D

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