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January 13, 2009
Hello MediaPortal- team,
I got a new remote control unit, the "König MCE CMP-MEDIAREM10 Remote Control", which is the pendant to the Ione Libra Q11.
My problem is that the IR- transceiver doesn´t work with MediaPortal.
My System is Windows XP SP3 with MediaPortal
In German subforums I got help to receive the needed "usbcir.sys" and the "CIRCoInst.dll" for the driver to be working in the Device Manager of Win.
But now there is no entry in "HID devices" in the Device Manager and I don´t know how to implement the Remote into MediaPortal at all!
Thank you for help in advance.


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August 24, 2005
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Hi there,

Have a look there , you might find an anwser to your problem. I have a Konig remote that I have setup with a IONE Q11 driver and it works fine exept that some buttons are not recognized by the system (driver problem most likely). If any one has the driver CD for the Konig CMP-MEDIAREM10, please feel free to send me a copy (or let me know where I can download it) as I have lost the CD and can't find any drivers for it on the web...


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