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May 7, 2007
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I have just acquired a LifeView FlyDVB-T Duo, The program seems to work fine up to the point I try to do any of the settings. If I do the settings using the 'in program' functions it crashes everytime I get to the 'AUTOTUNE' as I select the region.

Also when using the additional 'seperate' setup files, the autotune fails to pick up all the channels in my area - which I know I have and can obtain with my set top box... and also fails to gather the EGB information or the teletext.

So, as with Cheezey - I am looking for help on rectifying this, as this program is far better than that which came packaged with the card. (ShowShifter - which has changed to MediaPheonix and one cannot obtain an update... pfft!) I have got a simplistic program called Lifeview from the site stated by Cheezey - but that is - to put it bluntly - crap.

Any help with setting up this wonderful bit of Program with my computer would be absolutely fantastic - as I am not really an expert...

Compter Windows XP
AMD 3800+ Dual core
1GB Ram
2x Geforce NVidia 7600 GT in SLi Mode.
Creative Audigy 2 zs on 7.1 speakers
and of course - FlyDVB-T Duo

Thank you in advance...

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  • June 13, 2005
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    Must say had one of those, and never managed to get the analogue side working satisfactory, DVB worked fine though.

    Cannot say i put myself out over the analogue as reception was so bad even using the lifeview software (ps this is a software card for analogue purposes).

    Use MP Setup to configure the card and make sure the lifeview software is installed (even though its crap, the analogue part of the card requires this).

    Sorry to be not more positive, but i found a dual DVB card much more useful.



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    May 7, 2007
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    I have managed to get the anologue part working, it just needs a decent aerial

    I am now having problems with getting 'teletext' to work - any help on that?

    I have obtained a booster for my Digital Aerial, and now have the DVB Digital working. The anologue - is still a bit grainy, but that is because I need a better aerial (one linked to my rooftop preferably ha ha)

    However - Teletext still does not work? In fact I cannot see anywhere where one can set it up in the program. So if anyone can help me with setting up the Teletext now that would be most helpful

    and in Reply to the above - it is hardware decoding - well that is the best setting I find.


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    May 7, 2007
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    Dear All,

    Just to let you know I have got the LifeView Software working (to point) on Version: DTV build 1233 Test
    Using Windows XP 64bit driver Version (dated:06/02/2007)

    But MediaPortal is having issues.

    I run on:
    WINDOWS XP 2002 SP2
    AMD 64 3800+
    Nvidia Geforce 7600GT x2 in SLI mode But using 6600 drivers (as for some reason they are more stable) driver
    1GB Ram
    Creative SB Audigy 2 ZS
    Asus motherboard A8N-SLI Delux

    LIFEVIEW picks up all Digital channels well, even some scrambled ones, despite the signal being resonably poor.
    It also picks up Anologue well and the teletext works resonably with it.

    MediaPortal picks up all the same as LifeView, and acutally allows viewing of extra channels that LifeView marks as Data Channels

    Recording works a treat.

    Now for the but...

    Despite the software picking up the DATA channels for Digital teletext etc - I cannot get the software to view those things at all - even if the signal is good -
    1. Does the software support this "interactive" part of Digital?
    2. Are there any plans to incorporate this function into the software?
    3. The subtitles do not work at all? is there a way to rectify this?
    4. Also the remote that comes with the card is not easy to set up, there is no real support or even set up 'tweaking' tabs or controls for it in the LifeView Software - that I have found...

    I have tried various other Media Software, such as GB-pvr, ProgDVB, ASTV box, Chris TV, Show Shifter, and many others mentioned on this site - but none seem to like this card really, where some work well with Digital and EPG, they don't do subtitles, whereas others to the subtitles but don't pick up all the channels... and so on and so forth.

    Is there any software out there that has - developed to a point were this card is supported for both its Anologe and Digital functions - where the remote is supported and Teletext/subtitles etc?

    One would have thought that LifeView would have developed the software for their TV tuner cards that can utilise all its functions?

    With MediaPortal:
    The TVGuideScheduler.exe is not working at all - goes straight into some sort of error and crashes the program every time for me.
    It does not allow Subtitles in the Digital or Anolog channels - where ProgDVB did.

    None of the Programs allow for DIGITAL information channels to be viewed at all..? (Digital version of Teletext.)

    I have also Loaded the latest SVN today.. This has not helped.

    Please - any help would be greatly received.

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