Little Mod for Mov-Pic' Full Color Fanart !


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  • May 17, 2008
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    as i say befor i love the full color fanart Tgx mack ,look raly good ....
    i maid just a small mod for somting that i like when i flip the movie aspacly when you dont know what movie you wont to see and you need help to pick up a movie ...

    the most chang's i did for the list view , and ditle view rest view's are the same as Tgx did ,
    list view going more fanart,,,
    and just in case you wondring the what is |NO| that a filter for wach no / yes ,

    abut ditle view i add all ditle i can ,rase up evrting so will be lass scroling (i like as mach lass as scroling as posble :))
    but as soon as Mov-Pic' 0.8 will come out i will tack down (we will have option to pick if we wont long sumry or shurt )

    to instal :just copy the 2 xml over in Blackglass skin ...
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