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June 7, 2007
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I think that this should work as I described. :confused:

If you would like to get this to work, place the config file for the remote control in a zip file and attach the zip file to this thread. I will edit it, add the definition needed, and attach the modified version. Procedure:

(1) Change the Windows folder settings so that hidden folders are visible.
(2) Navigate to the folder:
C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\InputDeviceMappings\​
(3) Place in a zip file whichever of the following files you find in that folder:
If you find both in that folder, put both files in the zip file.​
(4) Upload and attach the zip file to this thread.

-- from CyberSimian in the UK
@CyberSimian hid.classic.user.xml attached


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    hid.classic.user.xml attached
    I made the change and have attached the modified config file. I changed the name so that it would not overwrite your existing file. You need either to rename it back to the original name, or change the selection in "MP Config" (you can have multiple configs present in the folder):


    I have tested the change, and it works fine on my system :) . When I press the "TeleText" button while watching live TV using the "Titan" skin, I see the following: the play bar is displayed with the new subtitle setting beneath the play bar (highlighted in red):


    It will also work for recorded TV and other videos (if they have subtitles). Press the "TeleText" button repeatedly to cycle through all subtitle settings.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK


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