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November 25, 2005
I am in the process of rounding up all the parts I need to build an HTPC. I plan on using MP as the interface and have a couple questions.

I currently have the Logitech® Harmony 659 Advanced Universal Remote to control all my electronics. I also have a standard Win XP Pro computer. I want to know what I need to allow me to use the Windows Remote Keyboard(or other IR keyboard, suggestions please) and my Logitech 659 remote to control MP.

I know I need some type of IR receiver, but which one will work best for my needs.

Also, what is the best PVR software to use with MP?

Thanks a ton.[/code]


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July 5, 2005
Wel,l I have used the IR receiver from www.ir-shop.de. This site doesn't exist any more, but any IR (not IRDA) reciever that works with girder would do. Logitech Harmony remote control works with girder (and MP) wery well, although you need to invest some time to install them.

More simple solution would be MCE remote control (you can use only receiver, without remote), or any other IR reciver that is supported natively form MP.

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