Logitech Ultrax Media Remote + Eventghost for TV Series and Moving Pictures

Discussion in 'Input/Output Interfaces' started by culle, September 12, 2010.

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    First sorry for almost spamming forum with my cries for help :sorry:

    Hi guys, i have UltraX Media Remote and Eventghost for turning MP on and of with red button, for rest i use UltraXMediaRemotePlugin.zip from roysolberg and it works almost perfect. Now, i was wandering, is there any way to map two buttons on remote for calling TV Series and Moving Pictures in MP?

    EDIT: Eureka!
    I have finally did the job.
    Here's the thing:
    I've slightly modified roysolberg's Logitech UltraX Media Remote plugin (removed TV and Videos buttons) and use it for other parts of MP.
    For TV, Videos and FM Radio i use EventGhost with Logitech USB Plugin
    and MediaPortal plugin .
    Next what i've used is KeyboarInput Plugin. This plugin is necessary because it can switch to main windows of plugins.

    1. Keyboard Input:
    This plugin is configured as it is on picture below

    2. EventGhost:
    Configure Logitech Usb Driver as it is on picture below
    Configure EventGhost as it is on picture below

    HID.Buttonxx you get by pressing button on remote and it's listed in the tree on the left side of the window. You simply drag it to the action you want to make.

    P.S. I've modified original roysolberg's plugin because he used TV, FM Radio and Videos buttons to call these functions of MP but, i dont use tv, or videos or fm radio so it was logical to me to set TV for TV Series, Videos for Moving Pictures and FM Radio for StreamRadio. Here you can find original plugin if you want to remote for switching to TV instead of TV Series.

    I hope i was clear enough, and that my language is ok ;)

    It was a though work and i spent quite a while figuring how to use every possible button on my beloved remote in MP and now i finally can do that. I don't know why it didn't get popular because it is probably the most useful part of my IT equipment.
    There is nothing like changing boring song from your bathroom :D
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