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December 28, 2008
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I know this my sound like an odd request but in my db I have to types of BluRay:

1) Complete BluRay structures that are recognized in Moving Pictures by their index files and launch TMT3 for playback.
2) m2ts remuxes with HD audio that I play with the internal player.

I have noticed that in the Movie Manager under Video Format you have a dropdown menu where you can select a specific format.
When I select BluRay for my m2ts, TMT3 got triggered to launch but I don't want that.
Is there a possibility to add a category to that list, lets say "m2ts from Bluray" so that I'm able to add a renamed BluRay logo?
This way I can still see in the MP GUI that my movie is a original BluRay file, without the need of TMT3 to launch.
I browsed thru the xml files but I could'nt find anything where I could change this myself.

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