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May 8, 2009
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Hello everyone,

the new MP 1.20 is in connection with MadVR with me not faultless.
The previous version works perfectly.

1. LAV DXVA2 (native) and MadVR: movies do not start or there is an error message MadVR HDR / UHD movies

2. LAV DXVA2 (CopyBack) works with all movies, when switching from the current movie to TV (Live button remote control), the screen remains black (sound only).
Stop movie and then turn on TV works.
In MP at MadVR Rendering setting: TV should take over EVR.

3. LAV D3D11: the same behavior as point 2

4. The setting TV with MadVR works, however, the default HD skin in the TV when switching is very transparent.

5. I have played through all variants that appeal to me:
New installation, some MadVR versions, some Nvidia drivers, plug-ins turned off, instead of default HD Skin the Titan, MadVR in default and set.

As I said, the verse MP 1.19.0 works fine.
The bugs were also in the trial versions MadVR from Area51 "Support" MadVR.
Until trial version 471 it worked perfectly, then no more.
Sebastiii has the info.

My hardware:
Ryzen 1700, Geforce 1070, DDR4 16GB, M2SSD, DigitalDevices Octopus CI S2 Advanced, MSI 370 Board, 3 Hard Drives

It may be natural that this behavior occurs only with me.
Enclosed the logs
1. various tests
2. after new installation

thanks for your help



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July 13, 2008
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I've been using MadVR for several versions now. DXVA2 (native) worked well for UHD/HDR but couldn't use the better image processing options. TV worked fine using EVR.
Now with MP 1.20, I was trying new settings with DXVA11 trying to get better processing, and it worked great, (except for not being able to check the onscreen stats with ctrl+J). but then I tried to watch TV..... Black screeen.
I don't remember getting black screen with TV like this before, so I guess I'm seconding the issue.

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