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December 27, 2005
Well i will try to explain my problem...

I have multiple tunner cards. 1 DBT/T and 2 S/W encoding cards. XP PRO. MP RC2.

I would like to map some channes from XMLTV guide.

* The problem is that i would like to map some channels from the DVB/T. (Not all of them have EPG integrated).
* I would like to override some anothers. (XMLTV is more exactly in some of them).
* Anothers left with the EPG integrated on de DVB-T system
* I would like to map the same channels on the three cards. And i would like to name them diferently (I am not sure about it).

Well i have tried to explain it on the best way that i can.

Any way to do it?.

Thanks for everything.


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August 1, 2005
I'd thought that the software cards were no longer supported? Anyone know?

I use 2 dvb-t cards both mapped to the same channels, one set to watch tv and not record and the other to record only and not watch tv. Seems to work well for me. When they were both set to do both it just gave me a black screen, think it got confused about which was supposed to do what.

I think your meant to dedicate a channel to a card, if you duplicate the channel on another card I would think it would get confused, but you might be able to get away with it by calling it a different name..... :)

Not much help am I? Give it a go and see what happens.


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December 27, 2005
I have tried to put diferent names but i can not create 2 channels with the same channel number.... Any way that it is what i wolud like. And what about mapping the same EPG channel to multipple channels on multiple cards.


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