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  • February 7, 2009
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    Now that I figured out how to group discs (ISOs and DVD folders) as a set, I'm curious what the max number of discs can be assigned to a group. For example, I have way too many MST3K DVDs, so I tried consolidating many of them (20 disc images) into one title reference...but this causes Moving Pictures to hang. If this is a limitation, can it be set to be more accomodating of harge disc sets?

    Along the line of browsing disc sets, is there a way to display an ID label of the disc when one is selected?

    I hope I'm explaining myself well enough...if not I'll snap some images and post later for clarification. Thx for any feedback!


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    I have tested with up to ten. I think theoretically it should work with up to 99, and if you manually group unlimited. But more than 10 is untested...

    But MST3K is a TV show. You would have much better results loading this into the TV-Series plug-in. Moving Pictures is not and will never be designed to manage television shows.

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