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I just got one of the US versions of the MCE 2005 philips remote.
It gets detected as eHome infrared transceiver, but cannot find driver files.
Must I be running MCE in order to use it with MP, I have selected the remote in MP but alas no joy.

How are other people utilizing this remote, is there a driver?

running on winXP sp1 not sp2 is that the prob?


I have the same remote, running on xp home SP2 (new shrinkwrapped version) and also trying to get it to work (using pvr350).

Everything EXCEPT the remote control is working, and when installing the ehome infrared, it just does not find the driver on the XP-SP2 CD... I read somewhere that the USB drivers are on the second disk of the MS-MCE disk set.... in which case I cannot install the remote control without a copy of the MCE disk 2...???

Can you please confirm that the driver should also be on the standard XP disk??? if so where is it???

Thanks in advance for an otherwise great project.... I just downloaded version 1.0.5 and it is getting better all the time.... !!

great stuff!



The drivers are present in SP2. Even in programs like notepad the remote works for me. The arrow keys can be used to navigate the cursor (left/right) Ok = enter and the remote buttons 0-9 are by default handled as 0-9 key

But than again I've already seen three types of the MCE remote.... :-(
maybe with 3 types of drivers?

In Device Manager I have the following device:

-Human Interface Device:
--Microsoft eHome Infrared Tranceiver
Driver date : 1-7-2001
Driver version : 5.1.2600.2180


Harley and everyone else who has problem with MCE philips remote: this is how I got it working:

Harley is right about the zip, but when installing it, it still requests for an irbus.sys driver.

Here is the crux of the problem : this driver is ONLY on the win-xp PROFESSIONAL disk in the I386 directory....

(background: M$-MCE is based on XP-PRO with extensions)

this means that users like me who tried to install on win-xp HOME edition must copy the files from a PROFESSIONAL cd and then install the driver pointing to these files...!!! Then it works immediately...

I hope you can distribute this info on a more prominent place so everyone can enjoy MediaPortal ....


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    that driver is for the mce2004 remote as far as I know (harley has 2004 remote)


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    :) hi,

    you can also copy the irbus.sys from a installed XP Home SP2

    Greetings 8) Harley


    MCE 2005 Remote Success

    I just wanted to say thanks for the excellent documentation. I just purchased a MCE 2005 remote and following this info, the remote now works successfully.

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