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July 26, 2005
Kansas City
I have a scientific atlanta explorer 3250 cable box and sa2000 remote that came with it. I am using timewarner cable in Kansas City, MO, USA. The mce irblaster (phillips euro version) came with two blaster ports and the irblaster plugin software sees it and appears to learn from the remote.

but when I tell it to test, it does not appear to change anything. It does make the red lights blink but nothing else happens.

I downloaded HIP and installed it but I don't see any way to use it in mediaportal?

All I want to do is get media portal to change the channels on the cable box.
The myblaster pluggin can be found in the downloads page under plugins/.

Be sure to put the files in the c:\program files\teammedaiportal\mediaportal\plugins\process\

at least that is where I put mine.
It appears to make the hardware function (with the noted exception of actually controlling the cable box).

I wonder if there is a list of people who have successfully used this mce blaster with various cable boxes and remotes (like there is on Then maybe we could share files.

I still have not figured out where your supposed to get HIP to function in media portal.

I am using the latest downloadable version of mediaportal.
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