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February 24, 2008
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I have an MCE remote, (running on the USB receiver) that has the option to run two blaster units, for controlling other devices.

The only thing I would like to control outside of the HTPC is the AV Receiver volume - a Marantz SR4002. While I can do this using my Harmony remote, I actually prefer the feel of the MCE remote.

a) is there anyway the MCE remote can learn IR commands from the Marantz remote without using 3rd party plugins (IR Server Suite, Girder etc)

b) how do I set the blasters to control the volume of the AV Receiver once I have attached the extender units to the IR input on the amp? Does this always require another piece of software, or is there any built-in support in MP?

If it comes down to it, I will re-program the Harmony and go back to using that, but I am a traumatised ex-iMon user, and my therapy has only just ended... :mad:


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    Obviously you need some s/w to make the blasting work. IRSS is an MP plugin, that's as closely integrated in MP as you can get. But it has a lot more functionality than you need. Why is it a problem to use a third party utility?

    I do what you are looking for with LM Remote Keymap. The basic version is free, runs in the background, takes the volume buttons for blasting, sends the rest through to MP. Simple, Clean, Free, what else would you wish for?

    I actually also use it for mute and power on the amplifier and also linked the power blasting to the HTPC power events, but that is all icing on the cake.



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    February 24, 2008
    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Brazil Brazil
    Fair point - I have no real objections to using 3rd party software, just that I don't actually need to, if I program the Harmony again. I liked IR Server Suite when I used it before, but other than controlling other devices, I simply found I didn't need it, so why put that extra few % on the processor load?

    My wife is mad about not leaving any devices on standby (it kills wales or dolphins - something like that) so when I switch things on, it's at the button anyway. After that, I use a Harmony activity to put everything onto the right input, and generally leave the volume on the AV receiver up loud-ish, and then control the output via Windows volume - this is all ok until I hit a pass-through channel, and am suddenly deafened!

    Will give it another go this weekend, as it sounds like there is no simple work-around!

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