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March 2, 2005
Hello !
i have the actual mediaportal tv server version installed on my windows vista pc.
on a second pc i have installed the new windows 7 beta and tried to install mediaportal client. but there is an error at the installation:
this operating system is not supported.

my question:
is it posible to run mediaportal unter windows 7? is there a svn-build available yet?



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  • September 19, 2004
    To have a start I would try to just copy an existing installation of MediaPortal over to the Windows 7 box and then run the MediaPortal.exe.

    Of course a full TV Server installation won't run that way, but the MP Client should do it, I suppose.


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    May 17, 2008
    You have to extract the content of the MediaPortal package. Then move the content of the $outdir one directory up. Then set the MediaPortal.DeployTool.exe to run in Vista Compatibility Mode. The package-mediaportal.exe and package-tvengine.exe found in the subfolder deploy have even to be set running in Vista Compatibility Mode. Then you can run the MediaPortal.DeployTool.exe and install MediaPortal. Just ignore that stupid not supported system messages. Have done this with two Windows 7 Machines. Maybe you have to download and install the lastest DirectX from microsoft. Seemed that they included Directx 11 but forget some pieces of the DirectX 9 installation!

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