Media Portal 1 RC4 TV server stops working after configuring hybrid card.. (1 Viewer)


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December 10, 2008
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Media Portal 1 RC4 TV server stops working after configuring hybrid card..

System runs fine untill you create hybrid groups and then try and add card to group..

I wanted to put them into groups becuase when I wanted to view a stailite channel it would say cannot time shift.

when I added the DVB-T card to goup 1 the config hung then added satilite to another group then config hung and would not close for about 3 miniutes..

run tv server config again asks to strart tv server service.. then says cannot start tv service etc..

The system was running fine with a seperate dual digital card and I was only using the hvr-4000 for sat only.. this has laso happend on a similar system with an HVR-2200 dual DVB-T and anologue tuner..

Please help.. the only way i have found to fix problem is to reinstall media portal and sql server..

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