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March 17, 2005
Media Portal CVS Installer

I put together this little program to make the process of applying CVS builds from a bit more streamlined. It prompts you along the way with simple yes/no questions, with the default option in uppercase (i.e., "y/N", where you can just hit Enter if you choose no). The zip file contains two files, the executable (.cmd) and the readme file. Just double-click the executable to get started. Please be aware that this utility will not automatically download the CVS file from You must still do this part manually. :(

Unzip this utility to the same directory where you download/save the CVS files.

Following is the text from the included readme file:


1) CVS INSTALLER must be executed from the computer running MediaPortal, although
   the install itself can be on another drive or network share.

2) CVS INSTALLER must be in the same directory as the CVS file.

3) The CVS file must remain compressed (.rar).

4) This program uses ZipGenius 5.x, which must already be installed on the MP
   computer (  Note, ZipGenius 6.x is buggy and will not
   work with this installer!

   Download ZipGenius 5 at


1) Finds the current installation path of MediaPortal (currently looks at default
   programs directory), prompts the user for the path if it cannot be located.

2) Finds the current installation path of ZipGenius (currently looks at default
   programs directory), prompts the user for the path if it cannot be located.

3) Finds all CVS files (mediaportal-cvs*) in the current directory (the directory
   containing this installer).  Prompts the user to apply the latest one found, or
   to select an earlier one by typing it in.

4) Decompresses the selected CVS file to a subfolder of the same name in the current
   CVS directory, using ZipGenius.  The version of ZipGenius is obtained in order to
   send the correct command.  A status window will be displayed during the process.

5) Asks the user whether or not to save the CVS file as it is not needed beyond this
   point.  Recommend retaining the file if the user ever plans to reapply the same
   CVS build.

6) Creates a full backup of the current MediaPortal installation to 
   'MediaPortal.Backup'.  Only one backup is retained.  User can choose to revert
   to this previous installation by manually deleting the current installation and
   renaming the backup directory.

7) Copies the newer CVS files (using date comparison) to the current MediaPortal
   installation.  The number of files copied is displayed.

8) Asks the user whether or not to save the CVS directory that contains the unzipped
   files (see step 4).  Acceptable to delete this directory.

9) Registers any necessary files, using the included start.bat utility.  Safe to
   ignore any "file not found" messages.

10)Deletes any cached image files (packedgfx*) so that image updates will be applied
   during the next execution of MediaPortal.

11)Writes the current CVS build filename to 'cvs.txt' in the MediaPortal directory.
   MediaPortal CVS installation complete!

I hope someone else can get some usefulness out of this, as I have!

Download: CVS
Current Version: 2005-10-17 v1.2.2



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  • August 31, 2004
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    thx Aaron, I will have a look at your script and maybe integrate it in the cvs-snaps if you dont mind. Looks definately nice and usefull ;)

    Its pretty easy to grab via script cause the filename always starts the same way. You can write one for yourself but if I see any in public I will change the way users can download. Hope you understand my position.



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    July 5, 2005
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    Why are the CVS update only available through and not sourceforge ? The bandwith would'nt be a problem anymore.


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    May 31, 2004
    Ehm, did anyone read what [=high=] wrote? I can understand him 100%.

    Aaron and [=high], you got PMs.

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