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December 5, 2005
Ok, I was wondering is there an way for media portal to read an link (.lnk) file. I wanted to add an link file/shortcut to an dvd movie file (.ifo) on my computer, and place it in myvideos folder.

I know media portal supports .ifo files already, but I wanted to add dvd movies too it, and an dvd movie has around 3 .ifo files in it. And I don't want it to be full of files I don't need.

So I just want to link my .ifo file of the dvd , where I have stored elseware on my computer, so I can just go to myvideos folder and find the movie click it an have it play.

I have added the .ifo link into the exstensions part of myvideos in setup, it finds the .lnk file ok but when I go to play it; media portal does nothing (acts like nothing was clicked)

So is there an way for it to read .lnk files.


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