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December 8, 2004
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I was looking at this open source project that replaces the Hauppauge code on the MVP with it's own (including replacing the Hauppauge mechanism for getting that code to the MVP). As part of this project they have integrated into Myth. It works now with Myth recordings, and there has been significant effort recently to get live TV working better. Once transcoding works well in MP, I think getting this MVP code to work with MP recordings won't be bad. The live tv implementation using Myth seems to work with a ringbuffer that Myth generates, and the MVP code grabs and displays. This, in theory anyway, could be done with MP as well. Then adding code to MP to accept commands from the MVP for things like scheduling recordings would round out the functionality nicely. I have one on its way and will play with getting it to display the MP recordings (transcoded to MPG) as a first step. Assuming that works (and it should) I will post back here with how to do it.

Interesting gadget the MVP! :)


I already have a MediaMVP and I am switching from Myth to Media Portal. I would be more than willing to volunteer my hardware for software testing if you are going to be working on it. I am not good with coding, but I could give it a shot for some debugging. What would the plugin for MP be written in to get it to communicate with the MVP? C#? VB? I would be very interested in being active in this type of development.

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