MediaPortal 1.1.0 RC2 + newest StreamedMP Skin

Discussion in 'StreamedMP' started by crazyV, October 22, 2010.

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    hey guys,

    I already found a post, which just sayd - upgrade to newest MP ...
    sound like a plan, but isn't possible for me :=)

    why is there a 'lower border' of versions compatible (sry, hope it's understandable)

    is it somehow possible to install the newest StreamedMP skind for this old version.

    I've a cinergy s2 hd ... and can't use the newest MP version because i always get in any situations (while watching TV) 'no signal' , graph couldn't be started, 'timeshift couldn't be started', 'unknown error'....
    without reason.. and not traceable...

    so i remembered in this version (1.1.0 rc2) everything worked fine... downgraded.. and see :=) everything fine.. everything working :=)))
    i don't know what has been messed up with the newest version of MP, but at least, i'd like to use your skin :=)))))

    best regards,
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  3. ltfearme
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    Its because MediaPortal change functionality and the skin changes with it...sometimes it breaks backwards compatibility so we put version checks in the installer to prevent people posting bugs that will obviously occur in that case.

    If you want to work around, the best way is to get familiar with TortoiseSVN tool and do a checkout of skin from SVN: streamedmp - trunk to your skin folder skin\StreamedMP.

    At some point we will update the Install Guide on our wiki to describe a manual install but for now you may have some reading to do. And remember you will experience problems with older versions of MediaPortal.

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